A walk and interview with Clare Balding

Currently Penfold is walking the Thames path from the barrier to the source.  This is a 185 mile path which will see us finishing at the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire. 

on one of our legs we where joined by Clare Balding she walked with us for around 5 miles. During the walk she interviewed Penfold and us, we discussed the importance of hiking for his mental health. It felt great to be able to share our story of why we walk..

To listen to our interview please use the following link, or go to bbc4 radio and ramblings show. we will be aired on the 18th May 2023 



Feedback from the radio show. 

I received an email from the producer of the ramblings show, to inform us of some lovely feedback from one of the listeners to the show... so i thought i would share it with you... (permission to share feedback)

Hi Maggie 

'I work in News but wanted to drop you a quick line to say you made me cry in bed this morning!

The piece with Freddie and his mums, and, the fantastic rapport Clare Balding built with them was a joy. If ever anyone needed an award for selfless devotion it's people like Cas and Tina. Please pass on the total respect i feel for them - and take note of the respect and admiration i feel for you as a producer! '


(In haste - the cava and the cockerpoo need a walk)



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