We have a special little man who is now 9 years old. He suffered some significant trauma in his early years which led to us adopting him and a diagnosis of Anxiety and PTSD. 

We hike for his good mental health 

We will stop walking once he stops 

Hiking provides time away from daily stresses that can make daily life difficult and hard to navigate for him. When he hits a trail he becomes a different boy... things he normally struggles with are no longer a struggle. It is amazing the clarity he gets from putting on his walking boots and hitting a trail.

We have put this together because we have found our journey lonely and at times isolating and we do not wish for others to feel the same. We hope you find support in us through all the links and tools that we can offer. 

We are also in the process of organising a podcast where we will speak with children and parents about their journeys so do not forgot to have a listen to Penfold's podcasts - Penfold's Adventures kids talk mental health 

If you have any questions for us or wish to say hello drop us a line at pendfoldadventures@gmail.com



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