Hikes for Everyone 

Hiking is an activity that should not discriminate, because all you need is a map, a trail to hike, appropriate clothing and a love for the outdoors. 

Our sons disability is hidden and affects his mental health, so steps or incredibly narrow paths, shingle on the beach, etc is not something we have considered as a barrier. However we have been lucky enough to do a hike with Debbie North. Debbie is a wheelchair user with a passion for the outdoors and how it can be accessible for all abilities. 

Debbie joined us on our coastal journey and she mentioned that the hike needed to be stile free. As we had not come across any stiles on the coastal path we did not consider any other barriers. Which in hindsight is a fail on our part. So as we set of we realised the path was along the beach front and this was ok because it was a boardwalk, but sadly getting to the boardwalk meant a shingle path. Debbie attempted but the wheelchair just sank.. So we headed off along the roadside next to the beach. Other barriers along the path included broken lifts off bridges and stair cases with out ramp/slope sections. 

Taking all off this in we felt we needed to help Debbie in her pursuit to make the countryside / great outdoors accessible for all. 

Here is our list of hikes for all without discrimination. If you have a walk/hike that can be added here please email us at penfoldadventures@gmail.com 


1. Coastal path - Sussex 

Brighton to Newhaven - The walk length is around 10 miles, but there are sections as you go along were you can leave the path. The walk starts along the seafront in Brighton and then you enter a small underpass (slope no stairs) and then you are given 2 options, you can either climb up the stairs to the top of the cliff and walk along the top of the cliff, or you can continue along the bottom path. The path sees you walking between the cliff and the sea and it is beautiful. We choose the bottom the section and the walk was accessible for everyone. See pictures below